Laptop Program Overview

Welcome to Londonderry High School's Student Laptop Program

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About School Laptops

Each year all incoming Freshman students are issued a laptop by the Londonderry School District.


  • Receive the laptop as a loan from the school & keep the laptop until they graduate.

  • Use the laptop each day during classes, bringing it home at the end of the day.

  • Bring the laptop to school every day fully charged.

  • Are expected to be responsible when using it & to report laptop issues or damage right away to the Student Tech Support Center at the front of the main lobby.

School Laptops:

  • Are serviced by Technology Staff at the school's Student Tech Support Center at the front of the main lobby.

  • Connect to a primary Wi-Fi school network & to school resources, such as printers.

  • Are set up to participate in digital SATs, PSATs, & State Assessment testing.

  • Receive necessary software and updates over the network & Internet from the School District's Cloud.

  • Include an anti-virus program & software that blocks school-inappropriate websites.

LHS Laptop Program - Process Overview

Prepared in collaboration with the IT Department for Londonderry High School,

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