Londonderry Technology

The Technology Department is committed to delivering technology to the staff and learners in a way that best serves the goals of the Londonderry School District. The department strives to be creative in its solutions and proactive in its approaches.

From the internet access that delivers resources to staff and students, the firewalls that protect those resources from the outside world, and the databases and software that allow us to collect data, the Technology Department provides both the physical and logical infrastructures of the district. Additionally, our IT staff works closely with members of all other groups within the district to maintain a level of service that is readily accessible and reliable.

IT Staff

Brandon Weinert: IT Director

Tom Cranmer: Database Administrator

Joshua Perks: IT Manager

John Beaulieu: Video Services

Ryan Barrett: District Information Technology Support Specialist

Shawn Fortier: Middle School Support Specialist

Wayne Haseltine: High School Support Specialist

Safina Moss: Matthew Thornton and Moose Hill Support Specialist

Jillian Grennon: North School Support Specialist

Maisoon Mir: South School Support Specialist